Tea Beverage "Cheerful Morning"

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Weight: 0.045 Kg
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The beverage is useful in case of decline of strength. It reduces depressive states and exercises a stimulating action on the nervous system.

Active ingredients:
Red root (rhodiola rosea) possesses powerful adaptogene properties and exercises a tonic action.
St. John's wort contributes to rendering an antidepressive effect. It increases the level of concentration and attention.
Maral root (rhaponticum carthamoides) has an efficient stimulating action on the nervous system.

Red root (rhodiola rosea), bergenia leaves, St. John's wort, maral root, rose hips.

Recommendations for use:
add 1 glass of boiling water to 1 drip bag, infuse for 5 minutes, while pressing on the drip bag periodically.

Storage conditions:
Keep in the premise at a relative humidity not higher than 70%.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Net weight: 20 drip bags per 1,5 g.

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