Fructose-Based Balsam "Milava"

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The balsam is recommended in case of female diseases. It exercises a comprehensive health-improving influence on the female body, strengthens the immune system, regenerates tissues and improves general well-being as well as helps to get rid of discomfort climax manifestations.

Active ingredients:
Marjoram contains phytohormones enabling retardation of aging processes and helps to relieve nervous alertness.
Rose hips are the richest source of vitamins С, В2, Р, К, Е, provitamin А and carotene. They contribute to tissue regeneration, increased performance capability and body resistance.
Hawthorn normalizes blood pressure, decreases manifestations of vegetative neurosis, reduces excitability of the central nervous system, improves sleep and has an antioxidant activity.
Viburnum helps to get rid of discomfortable climax manifestations, vascular spasms and neurosis as well as exercises an antioxidant effect.

Fructose, drinking water, chokeberry juice, rose hips, leather bergenia leaves, black chokeberry fruits, rose hips, marjoram herb, viburnum berry, elecampane roots and rootstocks, thrashed thyme herb, acidity regulator (citric acid).

Recommendations for use:
Add 1-2 tea spoons of the product to a glass of water, tea, juice, mineral water, milk or any other beverage or drink the balsam as it is.

Storage conditions:
Keep at the temperature of +25°С and relative humidity of 75% at most.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Volume: 200 ml.

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