Cedar Nut Oil Altay-Seligor 100 ml

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Cedar Nut Oil is a symbol of health and longevity. This is a unique product having no analogues because of curative substances and useful fats in it’s content. No wonder that cedar is considered to be a sacred tree in Altai, where people esteem it from the earliest times.

Amber-yellow Cedar Nut Oil with a sweetish harsh nut flavor and delicate taste is produced from assorted nuts of the Altai cedar using the cold pressing method, allowing to save all valuable properties of the product.

  • Our CEDAR NUT OIL was produced from ORGANIC RAW cedar nuts which were harvested in environmentally safe region of Russia – Altay, Siberia.
  • CEDAR NUT OIL was NOT diluted with sunflower, olive or any other oil. There is only one ingredient – 100% cedar nut oil.
  • The keeping time of Altay-Seligor CEDAR NUT OIL is strictly 12 months, because we know for sure that such vitamin enriched product cannot be preserved any longer. We strongly recommend to use CEDAR NUT OIL within 3 months after opening. Cedar nut oil is recommended to be kept in a cool dry place.

Ingerdients: 100% cold-pressed cedar nut oil

Storage conditions: Keep in the place protected from direct sunlight at the temperature from 0° С to 25° С and relative air humidity of 70% at most. After unpacking, keep in a dark cool place for 3 months at most. There is a natural sediment allowed.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Net weight: 100 ml.

Recommendations for use: you may take 1 tea spoon of the cedar oil 2-3 times a day per os.

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